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Feature List

Merlin 5-Axis Wax Carving Machine
Sets The Standard

Cutting-Edge Applied Technologies announces the release of the Merlin 5-Axis Wax Carving Machine. This announcement comes after 3 years of research and development of the machine some call the Rembrandt of wax carving machines.

Merlin is a true simultaneous 5-Axis system. A full enclosure keeps the system so quiet you can have a phone conversation while sitting right next to it. An internal vacuum plenum keeps the wax cleanup as simple as flipping a switch. The vacuum can even be programmed to turn on/off on a timer.

Stop using old technology that occupies so much of your time. Let Merlin work its magic and free you up to do more productive work.

ProtoWizard 5-Axis Upgrade Kit
for Roland JWX-10/MDX-40

Cutting-Edge Applied Technologies announces its release of the 5-Axis Upgrade Kit for Roland mills along with an enhanced ProtoWizard 5-Axis.

Never change a fixture...Never move the wax...Never calibrate a the Run button and walk away. When the mill stops, the piece is finished!

Watch the video above to see for yourself why you can get completed pieces in less time and no hassles!

Protowizard Does it All

ProtoWizard receives it's second "Thinking Ahead" award from MJSA. No other CAM software even comes close. ProtoWizard is a Jewelry Manufacturing System designed to keep it simple. Perform 3 sided (left face, right face, rotary) operations in one task. We even have a parametric core and support generator! ProtoWizard works with 3Design, Matrix, Rhino, JewelCAD and every other design system that can output STL files. ProtoWizard can create toolpath for nearly all table top milling machines.

ProtoWizard 4.0 is the latest release of the award winning CAM sofware for Jewelry! See all the incredible capabilites here...

Order your upgrades immediately. Downloads available!

Turn Your Roland Mill Into A Hot Rod!

Save over $1,000 on this upgrade that will turn your Roland JWX-10, MDX-40 or MDX-40A into a high quality Jewelry making system. For more details click here!

Roland Mill Upgrade Videos

See the many upgrades you can have for your Roland JWX-10 or videos here!

3-Sided Ring Combo Fixture

Higher precision, better finish and quicker turn around time are but a few of the features with the new 3-Sided Ring Combo Fixture. No need to change fixtures. Simply run the 2 sided program, pop the part out and move it to the end of the fixture to complete the rotary. This fixture is supported on the right by a high precision bearing block. This completely elimimates runout and vibration thus creating more precise, better surface finish parts in less time.

Upgrade Items for Roland Mill Users

Cutting-Edge Applied Technologies announces the release of 3 exciting new products for Roland Mill Users...

  • MachineWizard Control Software
  • High Precision Rotary Axis Unit
  • Low Contact Tool Sensor

Click Here for more details...

Need Help Calibrating Your Milling Machine?

Contact the specialists at ProtoWizard to learn how they can setup your machine right over the phone. Start producing perfect waxes immedately! Call 859-626-1214 now!

ProtoWizard Ring Fixtures!

The ProtoWizard Ring Fixtures are available for any milling machine! To see more details click here!

It's fast...It's easy...and it costs thousands less than other applications.

You can start producing highly accurate, optimized NC programs today using ProtoWizard for only $1,995.00 US. Call or email us today to setup your free online demonstration.


Current Release: 4.0.14

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How Much Does It Cost?
Check out our competitive pricing on all our products! Click here.

Learning Curve?
Unlike most CAD/CAM systems where the learning curve is days, ProtoWizard guides you through the process. Create your first NC file in a matter of minutes. You will be increasing your productivity immediately!

WizardWax revolutionizes wax machining!
WizardWax allows milled parts to be cut quicker, smoother and with less cleanup. See More!

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